5 Holiday Favorites

What are five sensory favorites of yours (sight, sound, taste, touch, taste, smell) that really remind you of the winter holidays, and put you in a holiday mood, no matter what holiday you celebrate?

Here are mine:

1. Vince Guaraldi’s soundtrack to ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’. My favorite Christmas music ever, I can just listen to it on a non-stop loop

2. Real eggnog, no soy or low fat (what’s the point?). My favorite is by Southern Comfort (which is alcohol free btw).

3. Really good fruit cake, with more nuts and fruit than cake, not the cheap stuff your local grocery store sells. My dad used to get a big tin of fruitcake at Foley’s deli each year then soak it in rum. The best fruitcake I’ve found is made by Collin Street Bakery

4. The scent of old fashioned bayberry candles. I don’t know where to get these locally, but several places online promise they make real bayberry candles, made from the actual shrub.

5. Bourbon balls (or rum balls). We used to make these every year for Christmas, but they never lasted very long

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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