Busy Day

Haven’t done this much in one day in years 🙂  Aaron and I started a little after 10 am and I didn’t get home till after 1 am, just about ready to crash now (after I put a few photos up).  Lots of crazy little roadblocks but still had a lot of fun.

He wanted to find a vegan restaurant and the best I could do on short notice was suggest the Hobbit Hole (‘Cafe’ now, apparently they decided the word ‘hole’ didn’t sound as good now as it did in the 70’s).  I haven’t been there since they moved.  I called them yesterday and asked ‘what time do you open tomorrow?’ and the woman told me 10:30 am.  So we walk in at 10:45 and they tell us they don’t open till 11, 10:30 is just on the weekend, but they let us sit down, give us some tea, chips and guacamole.  Most of the menu had mead and/or cheese on it, though, so we both end up eating burgers.  Oh well, maybe we’ll get the vegan thing down next time.

Then we’re off to the zoo, which was blessedly free of children now that school is back in session, but also seemed to be short on animals.  It was so hot most of the big cats were in their dens, the sea lion tank was drained, and the entrance to the primate exhibit was closed off.  But I got to see my meerkats finally (so damned cute!!), and went to a lot of the indoor exhibits, took a ton of photos.  The bat exhibit was also very impressive.

We were going to do the Museum of Natural Science next, but spent so long at the zoo the exhibits were getting ready to close up by the time we got there so we just sort of walked around a bit and left.  Then off to the Houston Center for Photography (which is open till 9 pm), but when we get there they tell us they are closed because they are putting together a new exhibit that opens… tomorrow.  Oh well.

Where to go now… hopefully that’s indoors and air conditioned.  I’m the ns native Houstonian and Aaron has only been here a year, and not living in the city proper so asked him ‘do you want to go to a gigantic mall and people watch’?  Turns out he’s never even heard of the Galleria, so off we go.  He’s quite impressed with it, we both buy a few things (shoes, watches and wallets).  The ice rink has been covered, though, by some sort of huge high society fashion show that people are just beginning to arrive at, but we didn’t stay long enough to watch it.  Tons of security, though, looks like a big deal.  And I don’t think I’ve ever seen he ice rink covered before, kind of cool.  Kids are jumping on the trampolines next to the rink, lots of stuff going on.  Also saw this amazing flying spy camera at Brookstone (sold out right now, but you can see it at  http://www.brookstone.com/ar-drone-quadricopter.html?bkiid=hmpg|mn_flash|ardrone|s1  ), that you control from your iPod that was very cool (and a little scary).

Time to eat again… still have no clue on anything vegan, drive around in circles for awhile, then decide on steak when we drive past a steak house in Highland Village, but I’ve never eaten there before so I suggest Ruth Chris instead because I’ve been there half a dozen times before and it’s the best place I know for steak.  It ain’t cheap, but it’s incredible food.  When we’re walking to out table Aaron sees someone eating a 16 oz ribeye, and decides he wants that.  I get a filet with shrimp and I score more ‘Houston is awesome’ points, lol.  They cook the steak perfectly (of course), the side dishes rock and everyone is full and happy again.

Somehow we still have some energy left, so we decide to check out the event at Numbers tonight (because Numbers is never open on weekdays).  Was supposed to be ‘Designer Drugs (name of group) with Ceeplus Bad Knives (DJ) and Glastnost (another group).  Light crowd, lots of very young people, didn’t know anyone other than the staff, though a few faces in the crowd looked familiar. Watched the opening act, listened to the DJ, I got to dance some, then the music just sort of degenerated into rave and by 1 am the main band still hasn’t arrived, so we both went home and crashed.  Next time perhaps we should skip the outdoor event, Houston is not an outdoor city till at least Halloween. lol.

Now I’m going to try and sort some pics before I pass out from exhaustion.  (Seriously, the meerkats were so freaking cute!  Worth the heatstroke !)


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