Sing, Sing a Song

For those of us who sing in the shower and with our car stereos, if you could have anyone else’s voice who would you want to be able to sing like? Who do you really admire and wish you could really sing along to? I’m putting examples up for mine because some are kind of obscure and I’m just weird that way…

And who do you think you actually sound the most like? Who’s the easiest for you to sing along with?

For pure insane vocal range –

Catherine Ringer (Les Rita Mitsouko)

AnNa R. (Rosenstolz)

Lene Lovich

and of course,
Nina Hagen

Jessicka Fodera (Jack Off Jill) for vocal shredding power

Probably my first favorite sing along, Barbra Streisand

For strength and power-

Shirley Bassey

Nina Simone

Sinead O’Connor

For just a gorgeous voice –

Karen Carpenter

Ofra Haza

Dionne Warwick

Kate Bush

And (I think) I sound the most like –

Stevie Nicks (seriously, I’ve had so many people tell me this 😉

Sheryl Crow

I know I’m missing a lot of people’s favorites (yes, Siouxsie rocks 😉 but this is what I came up with at 8 in the morning 😉

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