Best foot doctor. Ever…

I just had the best medical experience I’ve had in more years than I can remember. I’ve been trying to take care of as many medical problems as I can before I lose my insurance in the next few weeks and my foot pain had started to come back after the cortisone injections I had a few months ago so I made an appointment for another round of them today.   I had such a terrible experience with the last podiatrist, which was partially my fault because I had not taken any pain meds (because I didn’t know what kind of treatment I would be getting and stupidly thought he would need to know my level of pain and ended up literally screaming during both injections), but the treatment  did help so I thought it would be worth another try and scheduled with Kelsey’s other foot specialist.   I’m having a root canal redone in a few weeks also, and I was more afraid of this visit than I am of the endodontist.


I have been having panic attacks all night in anticipation of the shots, and took three tylenol 3’s this morning hoping it would help, which made me panic worse (and I’m looking forward to another two days of withdrawal symptoms, sigh), so by the time I got there this morning my heart was racing from the stress and the meds to the point I was almost trembling.  Then the receptionist told me my appointment was at 3 pm and not 9:15 am, but they said come on in.  I saw Dr. Blair at the Augusta clinic, and he was probably the kindest, gentlest doctor I have ever been to.  Very old fashioned, kind bedside manner, acknowledged that my feet are in bad condition for my age (the other doctor basically told me to stop whining, I ‘shouldn’t be in that much pain’), gave me advice on what to do and what not to do (no surgery unless I can’t walk at all), held my feet in his lap and calmed me down while he gave me the shots (the other just stabbed my foot on the examining table like a butterfly, and just told me to  breathe while I was screaming).  I did not even feel the enormous needle until the injection started (the tylenol was just right apparently, I was very woozy, I think I would have fainted on four of them), and then it was over very quickly .

If anyone in the Houston area has any sort of foot problems, please look him up.  I am so relieved it’s over and went so well I almost cried… Going to bed now, wondering if my ambien is going to completely knock me on my butt.  Hope so 😉

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