Starting over

On the eve of my 50th birthday, I’m starting 2012 from scratch. Again. Just me and the kitty. Two and a half years ago I moved out of my home and left my husband of almost twenty years and now I’ve moved away from my hometown of Houston to the city I was born to live in, New Orleans.  And just broke up with my boyfriend of over a year, Aaron.  And I’m attempting to rebuild my blog, Wednesday’s Child, which has been dormant for several years, in an attempt to document my life more thoroughly than I can on facebook and google+ alone in an attempt to tie them all together in a logical manner.  And to keep me sane.

As I write this, Phoebe (aka Gothic Kitty) and I are staying next door to my best friend Mary, in an almost hundred year old duplex she and her husband Chris own, awaiting the beginning of the remodeling of the front unit which begins this week.  I’ve been living here on and off since Halloween, commuting back and forth to Houston, alternately staying with Aaron in his small rental home, and basically living out of a duffle bag.  Which I’ve never done in my entire life.  Ever.  I always owned a home and the men in my life moved in with me.  I moved out of the the apartment I rented after leaving my ex of almost 20 years (and the large home we owned together) about six months ago.  I had been living there since the spring of 2009 and in the fall of 2010 I met Aaron.  After being together for about six months we decided we were going to buy a home together in California (his dream, not mine, though not a bad place to live) so I steadily put all my belongings from the apartment in storage with that goal in mind, which is very unsettling for me because I have a lot of ‘stuff’.  And I love my stuff, but the sheer volume of it completely freaked Aaron out so there was much talk of downsizing, which I still hope to do, though not to the survivalist point that he had hoped (and more power to him, he still wants to achieve that goal).  I am a collector of many things, including some 20+ boxes of books that are now in my 250 sq foot storage room here in New Orleans, along with all of my furniture.

The house fell through after months of dealing with agents & bankers long distance, many arguments and much depression ensued between us and the thought of living in a 1300 square foot house with little to none of my own furniture sent me running off to New Orleans, which is MY dream.  And the home of many of my friends.  I have dreamed of living here since childhood, when my family would visit every summer.  I was coming to New Orleans for Halloween for my annual trip to the Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Fan Club Coven Ball, which I’ve been attending since 1991 (and is one of the many reasons Mary and I hit it off about the same time), so I put in my two weeks notice at work and brought my cat and a car full of my belongings to NOLA.

More to come, but as usual, I’m up way past my bedtime.  I’ve worked the 10-6 night shift for the past 3 1/2 years as a 9-1-1 operator for the sheriff’s office and am a natural night person, which was also a huge problem between Aaron and I, as he is trying desperately to revert to the day schedule he successfully followed for years and my nocturnal tendencies have made our relationship extremely difficult.

But for now, good night and good morning to all and a happy new year.

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