Happy Birthday to me :-)

So I celebrated the big five oh with my friends today.  Mary took me to lunch at Commander’s Palace, one of the poshest and oldest restaurants in New Orleans.  In all my visits I’ve never been before.  I’ve walked past it a million times and watched the valets running back and forth, it’s in the Garden District across the street from what is probably my favorite cemetery in the city, Lafayette No. 1.   (Check out the waiter in the background, lol, he’s the one that made our flaming coffee)

Mary’s friends Zhana and Tony were nice enough to drive us so we could indulge in the 25 cent martinis (“limit three ’cause that’s enough”) and we got to eat in the upstairs glassed in patio, which was beautiful, all you could see out the window from where we sat was oak trees, it was like being in a treehouse.

The food was excellent, the service was amazing, as Mary described it the waiters moved like they were in a ballet, removing dishes and placing the entrees with a coordinated precision I’ve never seen before, even at Brennan’s.  We got several flaming foods including cafe brulee (you haven’t really eaten out in New Orleans unless some part of your meal has been lit afire).

I got balloons and a funny hat, it was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had and I’m so happy to be in this city with so many beautiful people.
Now on to the second half of my life 😉


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