Primer and cabinet day!

Goodnight all, was doing some last minute panic color swatching
because the workmen are coming this morning to do the primer, yay!  I I
will be known as the crazy lady in the blue house 😉  (Lots of blue on
the walls, my dream)

All the red on the walls and the tub is history, just too damn dark and claustrophobic.


Going with blue and white and lighter blue (maybe with bead board at the bottom).  Tub will be repainted a dark almost teal blue to tie in with the front den and office area (with is a lighter teal),  top half of the bathroom will be a medium blue with a hint of green , the lower half of the bathroom (bead board) will be a lighter version of the medium blue, the ceiling above the picture rail will probably be the lightest shade of pale blue in that family.  The vanity area will be a shade lighter than the top of the tub/toilet area, with light cabinet tops to counter balance the walls and dark floors.  Cabinets will probably be some sort of ivory.

The bedroom will be in a medium slate blue grey, the dining room (or as I’m calling it my meditation and hooping room), will painted one shade darker blue grey, and will be embellished with stenciled antique gold stars randomly.

The kitchen is still a bit up in the air but for now, but the current fave is a light gold, with a dark countertop, and the cabinets and trip will probably be ivory.  Still working on appliances…

To see some of the color swatching madness this week click here

Tired, pills kicking in, sleep now… Raining outside,  Damn, where am I parked??

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