The Death of a Houston Landmark

foleys_iphone_fullmoon On the way home from Depeche Mode I pulled off downtown to take a few full moon photos and enjoy my favorite skyline. And morbid curiosity made me drive by Foley’s and the sight of bulldozers and a black tarp skirting the entire first floor made me pull over. I walked around the building taking photos and trying to see, and when I reached the Travis side and could see through the gap that the brightly lit first floor had been gutted I lost it. I crossed over and walked up to the building and peered through a chain link gate and just cried like a baby.

I walked around the corner full circle up the Main Street side, wondering why the glittery sidewalk had been replaced with bricks and scared the crap out of an HPD officer on guard duty who asked me how I got into this area and all I could say was ‘Are they going to turn it into a parking garage?’ Then he realized I was crying and I told him my family history in 60 seconds ‘I used to work here, my dad worked here since 1963, I lived here my whole life and just moved away and Macy’s sold it..’ And he patted me on the back and said he didn’t know, maybe it’s going to be an office building and watched me walk across the street to my car. Another huge part of my personal history gone and I never got to say goodbye. Oh well…

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