And We Are Back…

wednesday_batgirlAs of this morning this weblog is officially back online.  I am still assembling the rest of my redesigned websites, under the umbrella of, and there will be more style and domain mapping refinements here, but Wednesday’s Child has been restored all the way back to 2002.

My original weblog was self hosted under the Movable Type platform, which broke in the winter of 2006 and amidst the chaos of my quickly changing life was never fixed, but the posts and files were saved.  I never liked MT, it was a very finicky and complicated platform, so I moved on to blogger and facebook in 2009, and all of the posts from blogger and my facebook notes are here intact and in the correct chronological order, because I’m just like that.

Last winter it was time for me to renew my annual web hosting and I decided to switch services and have spent this year gathering all of my web projects under one account and redesigning the whole thing in a combination of WordPress and html.  I wanted a dynamic and responsive format that was easy to update, photo friendly and easy for people to navigate.  I’m keeping my corresponding facebook pages, for Morticia’s Morgue, Vintage Halloween Collectibles, Gothic Romance Paperback NovelsGothic Kitty, Hip Scarf Junkie and Enigma Arts Photography, but the permanent home for them will be back on the web where they belong and have been since 1997.  And I get to actually write more than a few paragraphs at a time again.

And, because of the marvels of social media, and a big reason why I chose WordPress over html, is I can integrate not only facebook pages, but my Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, and Youtube.  And I even have a rarely used Twitter account that will be linked, because everyone seems to love the twitter.

So amidst the complexities of social media madness, I’m going to try and simplify my online life.  Stay tuned to see how it goes.

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