Control – Avoidance vs Preparation

I got bit by avoidance today. Because I was being too much of a control freak. Instead of following my routine of backing up my … Read the rest

Becky main directory complete

I completed the main web ‘hub’ of this site this morning, at  I’d love to hear any comments or critique anyone has on it. … Read the rest

Gothic Kitty Phoebe’s Web Page is up!

  As of this morning the second website in this group (under is up and running. Gothic Kitty is my beautiful Burmese cat Phoebe’s … Read the rest

And We Are Back…

As of this morning this weblog is officially back online.  I am still assembling the rest of my redesigned websites, under the umbrella of, … Read the rest


Oh yeah.  I remember now.  When I’m depressed I shop.  And don’t eat right and don’t exercise.  But I did join a gym, my heart … Read the rest