Afterthoughts on the great garage sale experiment

Well, only got 9 hours of sleep, not the 12 I was anticipating. Was awoken once by my noisy neighbors around 10 or 11. Groggily … Read the rest

Saint Anne’s Mardi Gras Day Parade photos

Here are Rendell Bird’s pics, I haven’t had a chance to upload mine yet to my blog.  Nice photos!  

Babylon, Chaos and Muses

The three appropriately named parades we attended tonight at Mardi Gras.  I have so many mixed emotions in my head right now.  We spent almost … Read the rest

Primer and cabinet day!

Goodnight all, was doing some last minute panic color swatching because the workmen are coming this morning to do the primer, yay!  I I will … Read the rest

Weigh In 1/18/12

Before I post today’s info, here are the last recorded stats I had from March/April of 2011, when I was exercising regularly and feeling good.  … Read the rest

50 years = 50 x 3

More on the subject of overindulging.  For the majority of 2011 (especially the last half) I have been really stressed out.  Trying to work full … Read the rest


Oh yeah.  I remember now.  When I’m depressed I shop.  And don’t eat right and don’t exercise.  But I did join a gym, my heart … Read the rest

One Foot After the Other

Starting over seems hard if you view it all at once, but if you break it into parts and actually consider each step to be … Read the rest


I’ve learned you can’t motivate other people, even if they want you to, they have to want to change.  And they can’t motivate you.  You … Read the rest

Mardi Gras Begins – Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc Parade

The Mardi Gras season officially began with the Fourth Annual Joan of Arc Parade Friday night. It was the 600th anniversary of Joan of Arc’s … Read the rest